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Leverage decades of manufacturing expertise with our plush throw blanket, PEVA shower curtain, polyester tablecloth and bath rug mat solutions tailored to your retail success. All of our products meet environmental standards and are available in recycled polyester (GRS standard).

What we do?

  1. Plush throw blanket: flannel blanket, Sherpa blanket, fleece blanket, recycle polyester blanket, raschel blanket, faux fur blanket, printed plush throw, solid color plush throw blanket, double layer plush throw blanket
  2. Shower Curtain: solid color shower curtain, printed shower curtain, PEVA shower curtain, polyester shower curtain, weighted shower curtain, shower curtain set
  3. Tablecloth: jacquard tablecloth, printed tablecloth, solid color tablecloth, PEVA flannel tablecloth, translucent tablecloth, vinyl tablecloth
  4. Bath mat: bath rug mat, Printed rug, Accent rugs, tufted mat, foam bath mat

Why choose us?

Productivity refers to the ease and efficiency with which a product can be produced, while manufacture focuses on the ability to manufacture a product with consistent quality and reliability. The most important conditions for achieving the two goals are the quantity and advancement of machinery and equipment. Our factory’s equipment includes a dyeing production line, two automatic magnetic rod flat screen printing production lines, 16 warp knitting machines, as well as equipment for dry finishing, wet finishing, cutting, sewing and other processes.

Quality control capabilities during the production process are an important measure to improve the quality of Sherpa blankets. By decomposing the scope of responsibilities and setting up quality inspection personnel for each production link, we can achieve traceability and solve the problem as soon as possible. The picture below is the last step in the warp knitting production process. Quality inspectors will inspect every surface of the entire cloth. The second picture shows the cutter carefully inspecting the surface before cutting. Thanks to the establishment of an international laboratory, the factory has a full set of testing and R&D equipment. All aspects from yarn performance to product washing can be carried out in the laboratory. We also cooperate with international testing institutions to allow customers to choose a testing institution they are familiar with for product performance testing.