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A factory specializing inHome Decorating Materials

We are a custom plush throw flannel blanket factory specializing in OEM production of high quality blankets for branded companies. All products meet OEKO-TEX  Standard 100. Our products include flannel blankets, raschel blankets, pet blankets, double layer blankets, faux fur blanket, sherpa blanket, fleece blanket and recycled polyester blankets.

From March 2024, we started to expand our business from single blanket processing to supplying whole-house upholstery materials. From doorways to sofas, from living rooms to beds, we are able to provide you with high quality products at low prices.

Always Genuine

We guarantee you will always receive genuine plush flannel blanket quality.

Seeing is Believing

Specialized and annual production capacity of 600 tons.

25 Years Of Experience!

Business Unit 1

Our Flannel Blanket Will Build Your Brand

We have been producing plush flannel blankets for many world-famous brands and multinational superstores, from yarn spinning, embroidery, printing to customized packaging, our rich experience will help you build up quality and brand advantages in the competitive market.

True Pantone color reproduction

100% Polyester Materials

we’ve recently launched the ability to shop fabrics online and shop poles & tracks online from our website too


Business unit 2

PET acoustic wall willQuiet and Cozy environment

PET Acoustic Panels, was the first product we processed from a single flannel blanket product to a whole house upholstery material supply.
Familiar with the properties, advantages and disadvantages of polyester fibers, we selected polyester fibers that comply with GRS 4.0 and Standard100 materials and processed them into acoustic materials.

More than 16 colors.

100% Polyester Materials

We provide processing and customization services, including cutting into different shapes, applying tapes, laser printing patterns, and individual packaging.


Design and Customization

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The flannel blanket and plush throw Manufacturing Industries.

Qingdao Croissant Home Products Company aims to provide the best price on plush throw flannel blankets. We keep always keep an eye on quality.