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Who We Are

A factory specializing in custom plush blankets

Qingdao Croissant Home Products Co., LTD is a company dedicated to supplying plush throw blankets. On this page, you will learn about our company’s product range, factory park size, production capacity, production equipment advantages, quality control, quality standards, packaging and transportation and other information. At the same time, we will also show the daily work of the factory through pictures and videos, so that you can realize “seeing is believing” using your mobile phone or computer.

Our factory is located at Wutong 7th Road, Binbei District, Binzhou City, Shandong Province. The plushthrow blanket production workshop covers an area of 12,500 square meters. After 24 years of development, the factory has accumulated rich production experience and has a complete industrial chain system. From yarn spinning, printing and dyeing, drying, carding, cutting, sewing to packaging, the entire process is completed within the factory. Achieved the goal of no dead ends in quality control. The environmental protection equipment invested in the factory since its establishment includes air, plants, and water sources, bringing a comfortable working environment to employees. The rationally laid out vegetation landscape and comfortable working environment in the factory park greatly enhance the enthusiasm of workers. The factory adopts a three-shift production model, which ensures the production and timely delivery.

What can we do?

Producibility & Manufacturability

Producibility refers to the ease and efficiency with which a product can be produced, while manufacturability focuses on the ability to manufacture a product with consistent quality and reliability. The most important conditions for achieving the two goals are the quantity and advancement of machinery and equipment. Our factory’s equipment includes a dyeing production line, two automatic magnetic rod flat screen printing production lines, 16 warp knitting machines, as well as equipment for dry finishing, wet finishing, cutting, sewing and other processes.

  • Magnetic rod flat screen printing machine brands – Japan Toshin, Taiwan Qizheng;
  • Max Color available for print – 12 colors
  • The maximum width of printing – 2200 mm

The following photos were taken in March and July 2023. From the pictures, you can see that no matter how many years the machine equipment has been used, the machine parts and body are clean and tidy, and will not pollute the plush throw blankets. The factory cleans machines and workshops in accordance with the 5S plan, and assigns responsibility to the person in charge to ensure that the entire workshop is clean.


How do we do it?

Quality control and R&D capabilities

Quality control capabilities during the production process are an important measure to improve the quality of sherpa blankets. By decomposing the scope of responsibilities and setting up quality inspection personnel for each production link, we can achieve traceability and solve the problem as soon as possible. The picture below is the last step in the warp knitting production process. Quality inspectors will inspect every surface of the entire cloth. The second picture shows the cutter carefully inspecting the surface before cutting. Thanks to the establishment of an international laboratory, the factory has a full set of testing and R&D equipment. All aspects from yarn performance to product washing can be carried out in the laboratory. We also cooperate with international testing institutions to allow customers to choose a testing institution they are familiar with for product performance testing.


What do we do?

Product Diversity

The diversity of products not only refers to the pattern styles of the shag blankets produced, nor does it only refer to the processing procedures, but also includes the proficiency in various materials. The pattern style comes more from the customer’s design and is not the factory’s unique advantage. Processing technology can be used as a competitive advantage between large factories and small factories. After all, not all factories can offset print, emboss, and embroider by themselves. Competition among large factories is often based on experience in making blankets using a variety of materials. As a manufacturing enterprise with 24 years of experience, we have rich production experience. The blanket materials we have used include Sherpa fleece, Coral and flannel series,PV velvet and rabbit hair series,Teddy velvet curl series,Polar Series,Regeneration series,Jacquard velvet series,Cation series,Hot silk flannel fabric, Double sided printed coral conductive fabric, Chenille fabric and other types.