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Acoustic Panel

Hexagon & Wood Slat & 1.22m x 2.4 m

New Product PET Acoustic Wall Panel

  • Material: 100% polyester fiber
  • NRC: 0.64-0.95(This can vary depending on the room area where the Acoustic wall tiles are being placed.)
  • Fire Rating: AS ISO 9705 & BS EN 13501 & ASTM E-84 A
  • ECO-Friendly: E0
  • Ingredients: 80% Recycled PET and 20% Virgin PET
  • Thickness: Varies by design
  • Size: Varies by design
  • Shape: support customization
  • Surface preparation: V-groove engraving
  • Color: The color card contains 44 colors
  • Product Placement: Wall

PET Acoustic Panels, was the first product we processed from a single flannel blanket product to a whole house upholstery material supply.
Familiar with the properties, advantages and disadvantages of polyester fibers, we selected polyester fibers that comply with GRS 4.0 and Standard100 materials and processed them into acoustic materials. Compared to melamine and fiberglass, polyurethane fibers are more environmentally friendly, easier to install and use, and easier to customize shapes.

Advantages of this soundproofing & Sound Absorbing Wall include: High flexibility for easy installation in tight spaces​, Wide range of finishes/colors
Moderate initial cost, long-term durability, Class 1 and Class A ratings, Exceptional noise reduction/reverberation control, Easy due to lightweight/flexible material, Eco-friendly, 100% recycled fibers and Easy cleaning/maintenance.

What layout and sizes do we offer?

Design and Customization

Processing the acoustic panels into sheets of different lengths and widths is the most regular requirement of our customers. Meanwhile, we can also cut into different shapes according to your requirements, such as rectangle, square, hexagon, irregular shape. What’s more, laminating PET acoustic panels with wood strips or polyester fiber strips to form acoustic panels in the form of Wood Slat Acoustic Panel is also one of our advantageous products.

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